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The StarLab system is a portable planetarium that can be brought to a school, community center, large meeting room, or corporate offices. It consists of an inflatable dome and projector system. The StarLab is a multicultural, multidiscipline education tool.

These programs are perfect for grade level science presentations, science enrichment programs, school science nights, teacher workshops, scout and youth groups, home school group activities, birthday parties and special events.

School purchase orders are accepted.
All major credit cards and school purchase cards are accepted for an additional processing fee.

Watch the Giant StarLab Planetarium Inflate - Inflate.

Watch the Giant StarLab Planetarium Deflate - Deflate.

Look What's Inside!!





Summer Winter Royal

images/planetarium1.jpg (113661 bytes)

Image taken by Chris Palmer
at the Challenger Learning Center of Arizona

Stargazing For Everyone offers programs in both the Standard Dome and the Giant Dome.  The Standard Dome seats 25-30 people and the Giant Dome seats 75-90 people.  Program length varies from short mini-programs lasting 20 minutes, to full length programs lasting 45 minutes.

The Standard Dome needs a room with a clear 25' by 25' area and a ceiling height of 11' free of any low hanging fixtures.

The Giant Dome needs a room with a clear 30' by 30' area and a ceiling height of 15' free of any low hanging fixtures.

Planetarium Dimensions

StarLab Inside

Image by was provided by Learning Technologies, Inc

The inside of the dome provides a night sky environment for studying the stars, constellations, the moon, planets, deep space objects, celestial coordinates, the seasons, multicultural folklore/mythology, and much more.

These Planetarium Programs and more are available:

Greek Mythology in the Sky               Native American Sky Lore 
Stories of the Night Sky                     This Month in the Sky          
             The Constellations                             Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids   
Discovering the Solar System          Exploring Deep Space      
The Seasons                                      The Life Cycle of Stars       

All programs are aligned with the
National Science Education Standards
and the
Arizona Academic Standards

All programs are customized for your group
and special program topics are available upon request.

Tony La Conte of Stargazing For Everyone has been a member of The International Planetarium Society,
The Great Lakes Planetarium Association, and The Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association.
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For more information on programs, room size requirements,

availability, and to get a quote

call Tony or Carole at (623) 979 - 1393,

or e-mail to: Tony@stargazingforeveryone.com

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